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Loving someone is tiring and it hurts, but it’s not something I can stop..and you know the best miracle out of all miracles is making the heart of the person you love beat.


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Waiting is not easy...

Waiting is also a solution. But waiting for that kind of thing is not easy. No, it is very difficult. Love that is easy to get will also be easy to lose…” — Yoo Hyun (Miss Ripley)

I have thinking many things recently....And I am proud with myself because my brain can think so many things in just one night....I had heard many things too...They said liking someone is happy things but for me liking somebody isn’t always a happy thing, I think....It's always hurt me....Think about him every night and when I'm alone.....I miss u so much. It really hurt a lot. Loving someone is such a painful ordeal but it’s not something I can stop....Like some people always said meeting you was a fate...I don't know why I can falling in love so easily with you...I think there is something wrong with myself...
You said stop waiting for perfect guy to come..I know maybe it's not for me but when I read it my heart perfectly answer like this "I'm not waiting for that perfect guy but I'm waiting for you to liking me back..." I don't care what will you think if you read this because one of my friend told me like this :
"Untuk mencintai seseorang bukanlah perkara yang perlu dimalukan...Kenapa takut untuk confess kalau benar kamu mencintai?Jangan sampai kamu menyesal suatu hari nanti...Jangan fikir perasaan dia dulu tapi fikir perasaan kamu.."

I have try my best to forget you but I still like you.So I’m going to do this until I hate you.And I know it may take a long time and it will hurt me also...I still hope that you like me too...That's why I always think If you doesn’t like me,what do I do?It's hurt you know...They told me it's not love...but if this is not love why my heart beat when I think of him??saya pernah kata dengan kawan saya macam ni:
"Kamu nak tahu sama ada kamu suka dia atau tidak?Kamu letak tangan di dada kamu dan tanya hati kamu apa kamu suka dia?Did your heart beat that much?kamu tahu sudah jawapanya..."
So I did what I already told her.....I ask myself too will I meet my first love then??It impossible for us to be together right....But my sis told me like this:
"Saya dulu pun macam tu...Lama2 dia akan cari kamu juga...cuma semua orang ada ego masing-masing..."

It's not like that...Mungkin ini cuma mainan perasaan saja....saya tak mungkin akan jatuh cinta sejauh itu....Ia cuma mainan cinta di usia ini.....I will found someone after this...Love is always like this. It fades away after some time.On that day I will forget you.I don't know you and I have never seen you.We never even walked pass each other.I will be okay.I forgot everything and I'm happy with my busy life that I've met my first love too....I will not recognize you too like today....
Tapi buat masa sekarang I still like you.Like I said before so I’m going to do this until I hate you. It may take a long time and I know that....I watch one korean drama recently...The title is "A Gentleman’s Dignity" and you know what I found on that drama.. Do Jin said "Men only know if you tell them. Even though you probably want them to just know, they won’t.”...Maybe I should start the conversation first like I've done before this....But I'm not that type of person who will start the conversation first...I'm was afraid that he will think that I'm annoying and disturb him....who's know right maybe he had someone special with him that time.....oooohhhh....What happend with me?????I can't recognize myself....